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However if that is not enough here is some more:

This is internet presence for the artist Doomtube, Phil Beeken.
A student of the Royal college of Art in London and now resident artist at The Portico Gallery in South London.

Undertaking a constantly evolving research project and creating the odd film.

Doomtubes films have been shown internationally, indeed in 2013 on the 13th of December a selection of films by Doomtube were shown on a buried TV set, screen facing upwards under a thick sheet of glass in New Zeland.

It is quite possible that most of the works will never get much of an audience, but that means nothing.

Occult nuggler.
This is a slimline updated website if you do require more see: HERE

Phil Beeken has been working closely with Will Bramely to create a new film, part II of "The fucking Terrifying Shard of Death", the smash hit of a few years ago. Also he is working on creating at least one new tune a month with that output finding its way onto the internet as soon as is appropriate...

Recently Phil was involved in documenting the I:MAGE events put on by FULGUR.